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Bolsius Professional 8 Hour Tea Lights - Bag of 90

Bolsius Professional 8 Hour Tea Lights - Bag of 90

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High quality, low smoke unscented tealight / nightlight candles from Bolsius Professional.

Ideal for professional use in restaurants, catering, weddings, events etc. These professional 8 hour tea light nightlight candles provide bright flames that are perfect for creating a warm and inviting atmosphere in every interior.

Easy to relight wick and popular with catering businesses thanks to the extended and guaranteed 8 hour burn time. Buy these professional tealight candles by the bag, or save with our bulk buy box deals.

  • Bolsius Professional Tealight Nightlight Candles
  • 8 hour burn time
  • Clean burning & cotton wick
  • Unscented, odourless and smoke free
  • Bright flames and easy to relight wick
  • 0% animal fat
  • Palm oil free
  • 23mm height x 39mm diameter
  • Pack of 90 nightlight candles
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