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Vegware Compostable Sack 70 Litre Case 16 x 20 Roll

Vegware Compostable Sack 70 Litre Case 16 x 20 Roll

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70 litre completely compostable liner - 16 x 20 Roll 

Certified compostable food waste bag. Breathable film keeps food waste cooler and drier, reducing odour. Proven barrier to bacteria, viruses, spores and mould. Transparent when wet. Lines bin, reducing the need for washing. Mater-Bi material trusted by waste sector. Funky design. Can be tied and lifted.

Our 8 and 10 litre liners are perfect for kitchen food waste caddies. These handy bags come in rolls of 25. Our 8, 10 litre and 30 litre bags are certified home compostable. nFor commercial kitchens and the waste sector, we offer 30, 70, 80, 140, 240 litre sacks and liners, all certified compostable and made from quality material. Sacks are strong enough to be lifted out of a bin, and a liner is just for lining a bin.

For help choosing the right dimensions, or advice on a bespoke size, contact us at 

  • Certified compostable
  • Widely accepted for food waste recycling
  • Low carbon
  • Renewable resources
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