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Concial 7oz (20cl) CA 1/3 - 72 Pack

Concial 7oz (20cl) CA 1/3 - 72 Pack

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Conical Glass 1/3 PINT 7oz  - 72 Pack

Craft Beer is hugely popular, and the 7oz Toughened Conical glass is the ideal way to present tasting samples in any outlet. Fully Toughened glassware has been strengthened across its entire body making the glass resistant to impact damage at all points.

When Toughened glass does break, it will break into small fragments making it impossible to cause serious lacerations.

This makes the 7oz Toughened Conical an obvious choice for outlets looking for a durable glass, following license stipulations or those seeking to prevent glass related violence.

Product Information
- This is a 7oz glass.
- Toughened Glass.
- Glasswasher Safe.
- Pack Size: 72 x Glasses.
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