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Doughnut/Onion Ring Stand- Pack 1

Doughnut/Onion Ring Stand- Pack 1

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Doughnut/Onion Ring Stand 

The Doughnut/Onion Ring Stand offers an exciting way to serve doughnuts and crispy onion rings, stack them high because they won't be around for long! With space for dipping sauces in the base, this onion ring holder is an all-in-one serving stand with a difference. Perfect for keeping the deep fried goodness crispy for longer, this onion ring stack prevents your sharing starter from losing its crunch. The perfect fast food presentation for diners, pubs or restaurants, this onion ring server creates an impressive display.

Product Information:

Doughnut, Onion ring holder
Exciting new way to serve crispy doughnuts, onion rings
Suitable for restaurants, diners and gastropubs
Also ideal for hanging pretzels
Includes 2 interchangeable handle attachments to allow you to hang your food from the pole
Microwave safe
Dishwasher safe

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