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Funkin Syrup Agave Nectar 36cl

Funkin Syrup Agave Nectar 36cl

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Funkin Syrup Agave Nectar 36cl

We are excited to feature this new 100% natural Funkin Agave Nectar.

Funkin Agave Nectar is a healthy alternative to sugar syrup and allows you to create the fashionable Skinny Cocktails. Extracted form Blue Agave Cacti, our Agave Nectar is 40% sweeter per calorie than sugar syrup, which means you can use 40% less per serve!

The primary sugar in Funkin Agave Syrup is a complex form of fructose, which has a lower glycemic index and is less likely to raise blood-sugar levels. As Funkin Agave Nectar comes from Cacti it is the perfect accompaniment to Tequila so is the best addition to all your Tequila cocktails.

Product Information
- Made with 100% Agave Nectar
- ideal for mixing with cocktails and soft drinks and hot drinks
- each bottle is 36cl
- sold individually
- easy to store

Product Ingredents Ingredients: 100%  organic agave nectar 

Funkin Syrup Agave Nectar Serving Suggestion 

Agave Nectar is perfect with Tequila. Try in a Margaritta to add a touch of sweetness with less of the calories. - This sweet syrup can be used in all your favourites, at Breakfast added to porridge or pancakes, adda  dash to your coffee or tea and try as an alternative to honey when baking! - Use instead of Gomme or Sugar syrups in your favourite cocktails to create a 'skinny' version.

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