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Gotham Hiball 35.5cl 36pk

Gotham Hiball 35.5cl 36pk


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Gotham Rocks 35.5cl 36pk

Built to last, the this range is the ideal workhorse for any bar, club or pub. Focusing on ease of use, versatility and durability there's a capacity for all drinks in the range from shot glasses to large milkshake tumblers. The panelled sides make the glass easy and comfortable to hold whilst allowing the glasses to nest for easy transport and storage - the design of the panels also means they're impossible to lock.


The retro style is perfect for milkshake and soda. Ideal for home use and busy hospitality units.

  • Pack size: 36 pack
  • Capacity: 35.5cl / 355ml
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Ideal for busy venues
  • Performance tumbler
  • The choice of bars worldwide
  • Consistent and reliable quality
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