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Kraft Compostable Hot Dog Box - 200pk

Kraft Compostable Hot Dog Box - 200pk


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Kraft Compostable Hot Dog Box - 200pk

The environmentally friendly hot dog boxes are ideal for your takeaway/gourmet hot dogs. The recycled kraft paper material makes these boxes highly sustainable and fully compostable in a commercial composting site. This will help to reduce your business's environmental impact, save you money on landfill tax and show customers you really care about green issues.

Product features

  • Pack Size: 200
  • Dimensions Length 208mm Width 70mm Height 75mm
  • Kraft Material
  • Weight 7g (approx)
  • Fully compostable in under 16 weeks in an industrial composting facility
  • Greener alternatives to polystyrene hot dog boxes
  • water and oil resistant
  • Microwaveable

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