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20" Kraft Pizza Boxes - 100 Pack

20" Kraft Pizza Boxes - 100 Pack

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20" Brown Pizza Boxes 100 Pack

These high quality 20" pizza boxes are perfect for trattorias, pizzerias and take-out restaurants. The boxes feature essential ventilation holes to prevent condensation that would otherwise damage your delicicious pizzas. The thick cardboard means that the pizzas will remain piping hot until they reach your customers.

These pizza boxes are produced using strong quality cardboard, which meets the standards required for use with food products. The cardboard is sturdy and rigid, allowing the boxes to be stacked easily. The simple and plain design allows for you to personalise the boxes however you want, or you can just let the pizza do the talking.

Meanwhile, the natural fibres used to make cardboard mean that these boxes are fully recyclable and environmentally friendly.

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Product Information

  • Ideal for pizzerias and takeaways
  • Pack quantity 100
  • Size 20"
  • Plain, unpatterned
  • Produced using strong quality board.
  • Suitable for use with food products.
  • Sturdy and rigid.
  • Contains vent holes to prevent internal condensation and consequent damage to foodstuffs.
  • 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly.
  • Crush resistant yet stackable.
  • Made of 70% recycled material

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