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Lid To Fit Hot2Go Bowl - 250ml

Lid To Fit Hot2Go Bowl - 250ml


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Lid To Fit 250ml Hot2Go Bowl 

Although the bowls are primarily made of up of plant based residue, they are durable, practical and efficient in storing and transporting food on the go.

Capable of withstanding temperatures of between -10°c and +120°c and there's no need to worry about wet or oily foods either as the high quality bagasse material is strong, leakproof and excellent at retaining heat.

Perfect for hot street food and salads, offering your customers eco friendly packaging and significantly reducing the carbon footprint of your food business. nSatisfy the growing number of customers who are sourcing sustainable offerings and maintain fresh and hot food with progressive Bagasse packaging - a bi-product of sugar cane and is used in some countries as bio fuel and has construction appliances.

Product Information

  • Made from 100% recycled PET
  • Microwavable and leakproof
  • Designed for street food
  • 100% recycled RPET
  • 100% recyclable
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