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Monin Cocktail Gift Set in Presentation Box - 9 Piece

Monin Cocktail Gift Set in Presentation Box - 9 Piece

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Monin Cocktail Gift Set in Presentation Box

Monin Cocktail Gift Set in Presentation Box is the ideal gift idea. The set encompasses all the essential accoutrements required to make and shake the perfect selection of cocktails. This will surely impress your guests or family members.

Passion Fruit: The tropical fruit, a passion fruit is about the size of an egg with a brittle purple or yellow shell. This encases crunchy seeds and soft juicy flesh bursting with a strong, fragrant flavour. Native to Brazil, Paraguay and Northern Argentina. Passion fruit is so-called because it is a vine species of passion flower, also known as the ˜purple granadilla' in South Africa.

Mojito Mint: The famous Mojito cocktail was born in the sultry bars of pre-revolutionary Havana. Skilled bartenders called upon the local abundance of wild mint yerbabuena, cane sugar, lime and rum to create a refreshing cocktail sensation that flavoured the sensual Cuban nightlife.

Strawberry: Strawberry is a popular flavour in dairy products. Such as: ice creams, milkshake, smoothies and yogurt. Strawberries and cream, being the ultimate summer dessert. Famously consumed at The Wimbledon Tennis Championships in England. This beautiful red fruit is also sandwiched in sponge cakes, mixed with meringue and whipped cream to make ˜Eton Mess' and preserved as jam.

Coconut: The nut is from the coconut palm tree. The coconut is native to more than 80 tropical and sub-tropical countries. Such as: Indonesia, India and Thailand. It is considered indispensable. In fact, in several different languages the name for the coconut palm means, all parts of the tree are useful in some way.

Blue Curacao: An old time cocktail classic. Blue Curacao is known for its deep blue colour, tart orange flavour and tropical credentials. Flavoured with the dry peel of the green oranges, which are descended from Valencia oranges, from the West Indian Island of Curacao. This liqueur embodies this tropical island paradise with its beaches and coral reefs. Discovered by accident, the drink was originally marketed by a Spanish family from Curacao in the 19th century.

We love a cheeky cocktail here at Love Tiki and think our cocktail gifts make the perfect gift. We have gift for the cocktail novice to the connoisseur. To see our whole range of Gift Sets.

Product Information
- 9 essential cocktail items.
- Comes in presentation box.
- Gift idea.
- Birthday gift idea.
- Home cocktail set.
- 1 x Passion Fruit syrup 5cl.
- 1 x Mojito Mint syrup 5cl.
- 1 x Strawberry syrup 5cl.
- 1 x Coconut syrup 5cl.
- 1 x Blue Curacao syrup 5cl.
- 1 x Recipe Guide.

Set Contents 
1 x Monin Cocktail Set
1 x Cocktail Jigger
1 x Boston Cocktail Shaker Can 28oz
1 x Boston Cocktail Shaker Glass 16oz
2 x Stainless Steel Freeflow Pourer
1 x Wooden Muddler 8³
1 x Cocktail Miking Spoon
1 x Hawthorne Strainer

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