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Parma Shaker Silver Chase 16oz (17cl)

Parma Shaker Silver Chase 16oz (17cl)


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Parma Shaker Silver Chase 16oz/45cl

Provide the perfect cocktails with this Parma Shaker Silver Chase 16oz/45cl glass. Cocktail shakers are an essential for your barware and theses Parma shaker glasses are perfect for making cocktails. Quality assured, these glasses are supplied by specialist tableware brand Utopia. This stylish shaker will accompany any mixologists pouring performance. It has a unique silver finish making it very striking and they will be noted by your guests.

Also available in bronze and gold.

Product Information
Capacity 15¾oz / 450ml‹‹
Dimensions 145(H) x 87(˜)mm‹‹‹
Material Glass, finish silver
Parma is a robust conical beer shape‹‹‹
Ideal for the rigours of everyday usage‹‹‹
Versatile and durable‹

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