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Pirate Tiki Mug

Pirate Tiki Mug

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Pirate Tiki Mug

This novelty drinks container will gain you instant notoriety among your customers, guests. Sturdy design with a toughened glaze finish for extra protection against knocks, chips.

Pirate Tiki Mug, why tiki? Tiki Mugs are ceramic drinkware originating in mid-century American tiki bars and tropical themed restaurants. The term Tiki mugs is a generic term for sculptural drink-ware that depict imagery from Polynesia, Micronesia or Melanesia, and of more recent is also used to describe these mugs depicting anything tropical, pirates, skulls, mermaids, Buddha, wahines, surf or other images or themes connected to the escapism and cultures those bars draw inspiration from and conjure.

Originally being created as both signature and marketing tool to hold the exotic libations, the 1960s (a pivotal era in Tiki mug history) also saw the ceramic craft market following suit by releasing ceramic tiki mug molds for the hobbyist to customize.

These original mugs, whether related to a location or made by the hobbyist, also known as the vintage mugs, once found in abundance on the dusty shelves of junk shops in the 1980s and 90s, became a sought after item.

Want to read more and take a Tiki Road Trip. Or alternatively if you want to indulge your curiosity even further, why not view the Wikipedia Tiki page for a full and thorough insight.

Product Features:
Novelty cocktail mug
Styled like a pirate head
Perfect for serving cocktails
Material: Ceramic
Handcrafted and handpainted, products may vary from the mug pictured
Ideal for Hawaiian and Tiki parties
Hand wash only

Height: 98mm
Volume: 470ml
Width: 125mm
Weight: 278g
Rim Diameter: 110mm
Base Diameter: 125mm  

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