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R.G.3 Divided Veg. Dish 24cm White - Pack 4

R.G.3 Divided Veg. Dish 24cm White - Pack 4

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4 Pack

24 x 17 x 5cm (L x W x H)

The GenWare Cook and Serve Dishes are ideal for serving a variety of dishes, whether it's sides or classic meals like pies or lasagna. Crafted from heat-resistant porcelain, these dishes are specifically designed to endure the demands of cafes, hotels, restaurants, and other professional catering settings.

These dishes meet the BS4034 standard for vitrified hotelware, ensuring exceptional durability during use. They are made from carefully selected clays, resulting in a brilliant white finish that not only enhances presentation but also proves to be more practical than other porcelain alternatives.

The product boasts a durable glaze that extends its lifespan and enhances its resistance to stains. With a rolled edge, these dishes are not only sturdy but also highly functional, providing added protection against chipping. They are perfectly suited for hotel, restaurant, and foodservice applications.

One of their outstanding features is their superior heat retention, making them highly resistant to thermal shock. This makes them perfect for serving both hot and cold dishes in a foodservice environment. The temperature range for these dishes is impressive, spanning from -40 to 250 degrees Celsius.

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