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Stagione 650ml Kraft PP Lined Tray 300Pk

Stagione 650ml Kraft PP Lined Tray 300Pk


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Introducing Stagione®, Colpac's innovative food packaging solution designed to accommodate both hot and cold foods. These rectangular trays feature a rolled rim and rounded corners, offering a sturdy and well-constructed design. Supplied nested, they optimize space usage and can be conveniently stacked once lidded, ensuring efficient storage.

What makes these trays eco-friendly is their composition from FSC sustainably sourced material, coupled with a thin PP lining that effectively prevents leaks. Notably, they are fully recyclable, microwave-safe, and freezer-friendly, making them incredibly versatile for various applications, including meal preparation, frozen food storage, and takeaway meals, among many others.

Stagione® offers a sustainable, functional, and flexible food packaging solution, aligning perfectly with the demands of modern dining and foodservice requirements.

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