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Skull Garnish Pick Pk10

Skull Garnish Pick Pk10

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 Zinc Plated Skull Cocktail Garnish Picks​ 10 Pack

​Garnish Picks are a great way to finish off your signature cocktails. Indeed of late they have become the on trend way to add a special feature to your drink giving it colour flavour and a little extravagant style. ​​​​​​
​These Zinc Plated Skull Cocktail Garnish Picks are perfect for domestic and commercial use. Made in zinc-plated style, these stainless-steel cocktail picks are built for use while entertaining, time and time again. These metal cocktail picks are stronger than your average stir sticks, tough and sharp enough to hold any cocktail garnish, or work great with appetisers.  At 11cm  long these cocktail sticks are the perfect choice for serving olives with Martinis or even orange peel with an old fashioned.​​​​
We think they'd work even better at a themed party.
Product Information​​​​
​Weight:  0.011kg ​​​​​​​​
Dimensions:   0.02cm(W) x 11.0cm(H) x 1.4cm(D​​​​​
​Finish: Zinc Plated​​​


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