10 Facts About Gin to Impress Your Friends With

10 Facts About Gin to Impress Your Friends With

May 31, 2023Clare Bridson

The World Gin Day being one of our favourite days in June we thought we would share with you some gin facts to impress your friends and customer with. 


1 Juniper Berry is Not a Berry

The juniper berry is more like a small pinecone than a fruit. The cone of the juniper is the part that is referred to as the berry.


2  The Philippines is the World’s Largest Gin Market

They consume over 22 million cases of gin a year in the Philippines, which is mostly domestically produced. Philippine gin accounts around 43% of the global gin market.

There is a word, that translates into every Filipino dialect, inuman, which means a drinking session. Now that gin is so popular they have started to use the word ginuman to describe their gin drinking sessions.


3  70% of Gin Produced in the UK Comes from Scotland

There are nearly a hundred gin distilleries in Scotland, including some of the most popular gin brands in the world, hence the high production level.


4  Balloon Gin Glasses

The balloon gin glass is inspired by the generous Gin & Tonic style serve from Spain. It’s large volume provides plenty of space for ice and garnishments and it’s large surface area is conducive to bouquet plus, it’s long stem offers insulation from hand heat, keeping your drink cooler for longer.


5  Tasting

The best way to sample gins side by side is to mix them with an equal measure of water. This will expose both the qualities and the flaws.


6  Gin in Every Home (Almost!)

At one time there was a working gin still in one out of every four habitable structures in London!


7  The Original Cocktail Spirit

The first cocktail listed in the first British book to contain cocktail recipes, William Terrington’s Cooling Cups and Dainty Drinks, was a gin cocktail with ginger syrup, orange curacao and bitters.


8  There are 503 Scottish Gins 

There are 170 Scottish gin brands, which together produced over 500 different gins. The number is constantly growing and it doesn’t include special hotel- or ‘house’ gins as these are hard to keep track of.


9  More Juniper Berry Facts

Nearly all juniper used to make gin is picked wild and is hardly ever cultivated.


10  There are More Classic Cocktails Made with Gin than Any Other Spirit

Martini, Negroni, Clover Club, French 75, Bee’s Knees, Tom Collins, White Lady, Martinez…. The list is endless and we have a glass for them all!

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