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5 Reasons To Go Plastic Free This Christmas

October 28, 2019

Christmas can be a challenging time to go plastic free. Wrapping paper, gifts, parties although fun all come with their share of plastic. However small changes can make a huge difference and we have a range of plastic free and eco Christmas crackers, perfect for your plastic free Christmas.

Recent research has suggested that this year a staggering 154,000,000 pieces of plastic rubbish from Christmas crackers will end up in landfill. This is just in the UK! We want to move towards reducing this. This year we have decided to only sell crackers that have wood, metal or paper gifts.

5 Reasons to go Plastic Free this Christmas

  1. At our current rate, it is estimated by the year 2050 plastic will outweigh fish in the ocean.
  2. Plastic takes up to 1000 years to biodegrade. Celebrate Christmas without leaving a thousand year mark on the environment.
  3. Plastic contains and releases toxins. Greener alternatives are safer for your health.
  4. Availability of alternatives. On Love Tiki alone we offer green alternatives to almost all plastic based products. Those that don’t are a business priority for us in 2020.
  5. Eco products look better. Check out our eco crackers for example, a huge improvement on plastic junk you find at the supermarket and a step in the right direction in the way of environmental conservation this Christmas. Our Eco crackers contain gorgeous reusable paper tree decorations.

 As well as being plastic free the FSC plastic free crackers are fully traceable and sourced responsibly. The FSC accreditation means you are helping to ensure our forests are alive for generations to come.

These crackers are completely free from plastic and each cracker contains cracker contains a decoration, hat, snap and joke.

How to recycle

  1. No plastic in the cracker, it can go straight in the recycling
  2. The contents are innovative FSC tree decorations. Fully recyclable.

Eco Crackers

No more terrible plastic toys that get thrown straight in the bin! These crackers have a selection wooden gifts and are 99% plastic free (only the bristles on the brush.. but we are working on this!). What’s more we think the gifts are very useful and your guest will want to be taking these home!

The crackers come in a handy paper bag. Reducing pesky packaging and when you have finished all your fun, just sweep the crackers into the bag and pop straight into the recycling.

How to recycle

  1. No plastic in the cracker it can go straight in the recycling
  2. Everything recyclable inside apart from the bristles on the brush, they can remove the bristles then the wooden base is recyclable. Remove the sticker before recycling
  3. Ribbons aren’t recyclable so that will need to be removed and used to decorate hair, table centre pieces, cutlery… we know what you’re like after a couple of Sherries!

Crackers are the start of the Love Tiki 2020 pledge to reduce waste, watch this space for more information and the changes we are making over the next year.

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