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Are You Halloween Ready?

October 05, 2021

This month the scary things that are going on are things we can all enjoy, ghost themed nights, fancy dress, dunking for apples, trick or treating parties and pumpkin flavoured cocktails.

Yes, Halloween is coming and as many people missed out last year, 2021 is going to be a biggie – we can’t wait!

Here are some of the glassware, drink flavourings, tiki mugs and fun items we’ll be having at our parties…

Ceramic Skull Tiki Mug
This novelty white and orange skull mug will gain you instant notoriety among your customers and guests. It’s great for cocktails, PLUS it’s on sale for Halloween!

Ceramic Skull Tiki Mug


Cast Iron Effect Tiki Skull Mug 80cl/28.15oz
It may be shaped like Death’s skull, but this large novelty cast iron Tiki Skull is perfect for filling with a tropical cocktail as well as your spooky specialties.

Cast Iron Effect Tiki Skull Mug 80cl/28.15oz

Skull Jar 17.5oz (50cl)
This multi-functional skull jar is totally tiki, totally awesome and ideal for your trick or treat sweets or drinks party drinks. You can also pick from a range of lids to finish off the look.

Skull Jar

Toscana Lono Tiki Mug
Impress your guests or add to your tiki mug collection with this expertly crafted mug. This 450ml ceramic mug will give you commercial or home bar the edge against your friends and competitors, they will make your drinks scarily good this Halloween.

Toscana Lono Tiki Mug

Monin Blue Curacao Syrup 70cl.
Monin blue curacao syrup uses dried orange peel from the green oranges which originated from the West Indian Island of the same name. It has a bitter orange taste and is very aromatic. The deep blue colour will add something extra to your Halloween soft drinks or cocktails.

Monin Blue Curacao Syrup

Black Peg Board & Large Letter Set 12″ x 30″
Great for posting your scary messages or Halloween specials, this Peg Boards is perfect for coffee shops, kitchens, offices, pubs, clubs, and restaurants. It comes ready to use with six letter set sheets in white, yellow and blood red.

Black Peg Board & Large Letter Set 12″ x 30″

Elite Remedy Rocks 9oz – Black NS – 36pk
These coloured rocks tumblers are made from virtually unbreakable polycarbonate plastic, meaning they won’t break when your customers get a fright. They are ideal for festivals, nightclubs, Halloween parties and for outdoor events.

Elite Remedy Rocks Glasses 9oz

Hammered Barrel Gun Metal Mug 55cl / 19.25oz
A perfect way to shake up your drink and cocktail presentation, these metal mugs perfect for serving a Moscow Mule this month, they even look like little witches’ cauldrons.

Hammered Barrel Gun Metal Mug

The perfect biodegradable alternative to straws. Ideal for cocktails, smoothies, and milkshakes – environmentally friendly, they are the perfect color for any winter drinks.

Black paper straws

Monin Bubble Gum Syrup 70cl.
This syrup amazing in a whole array of frighteningly good cocktails. Colored shocking pink, it’s hard to ignore in a bar or restaurant and makes a great addition to Halloween drinks. If you close your eyes the strong taste will take you back to your early years and the unforgettable taste of bubble gum. 

Monin Bubble Gum Syrup

Have a spooky one!

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