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Are You Ready For The Euros Championships?

May 16, 2024

As the excitement for this years Euros starts to build, we know our customers are getting ready for an influx of football fans.

Whether it's in your pub or beer garden, there's nothing better than a crowd of fans cheering on their favourite team in your establishment.

To keep the games fun, safe and washing up free, check our most popular disposable pint and half glasses.

Compostable CE-Marked PLA Half Pint to Brim Cup - 1250 Pack

Certified compostable plain half pint cup, CE-marked for legal measures of free-poured drinks. A great product for companies looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

Compostable CE-Marked PLA Pint to Brim Cup - 700 Pack

Perfect for football fans, this compostable pint to brim is great to avoid over-pouring and is 100% compostable. 
Disposable Flexi 2 Pint CE Marked 333pk

Disposable Flexi 2 Pint CE Marked - 333 Pack

Manufactured from high clarity, flexible polypropylene for improved crack resistance, these 2 pint glasses are injection moulded to ensure wall strength and feature rolled rims for drinking comfort.

Disposable Flexi Pint CE Marked 1000 Pack

This is a vacuum formed, flexible polypropylene, disposable pint glass. It is CE Marked to brim and is for use with free flow beer pumps. It is ideal for any event happening this summer.
Two In One Flexy Half Pint to Brim Cup - CE marked - 1000pk

Two In One Flexy Half Pint to Brim Cup (285ml) CE marked - 1000pk

Certified compostable printed pint cup, CE-marked for legal measures of free-poured drinks. It also comes in pint size

I Used To Be Rubbish Recycled Half Pint Cup CE - 1000 Pack

The perfect alternative to plastic and compostable glasses. These recycled glasses can be easily recycled through your regular recycled waste collection. Also available in pint size

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