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March 23, 2021

A lot’s changed over the last century but one thing that has remained the same is our love for the old Banana Split. First created in 1904 in Pennsylvania, it has since stolen the hearts of the world with it’s delicious flavour combination and almost healthy pudding status.

A reliable dessert staple in early childhood, here’s our favourite recipe for this delicious sundae.

Banana Split Recipe


1 x Banana

2 x Scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream

1 x Scoop of Chocolate Ice Cream

Whipped cream

Splash of Monin Caramel Flavour Sauce

Splash of Rum or Monin Carribean Syrup

Splash of Monin Chocolate Hazelnut Flavour Sauce

Small handful of chopped almonds and hazelnuts


The best starting point of any Ice Cream Sundae is the presentation so check out our stylish dessert glasses and create a masterpiece.

We recommend the eponymous Alaska Banana Split Dish for a classic Banana Split Sundae.

Alaska Banana Split Dish

For a sophisticated split, go for the Copper Margarita Glass or Stainless Steel Margarita Glass. For a retro Banana Split mix up try the Sail Away Ice Cream Dish or the Chicago Ice Cream Cup.




We all know it’s not a banana split if the banana isn’t split down the middle, so start your pudding by slicing the banana length ways.

Next spoon your ice cream down the middle and fill any gaps with whipped cream.

Finally drizzle with all the delicious sauces you can get your hands on. A good splash of caramel and chocolate syrup can never go amiss and a slosh of rum will bring even more fun to this already fantastic pudding.

Sprinkle a few nuts on top for a perfectly balanced texture combo.

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