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March 23, 2021

This Saturday marks International Beer Day so whether you’re a bitter fan, a pale ale lover or simply prefer a refreshing gulp of lager, make sure you celebrate with a couple of cold ones. Take a look at the Drinkmonger site to find something suitable for the occasion.

While we can’t cater for the variety of taste buds out there we can certainly provide a suitable glass to serve it up in.

For the Big Drinker

If one pint is simply not sufficient, then save that extra trip to the fridge and get a steiner big enough to hold up to 2 pints.

2 Pint German Beer Stein

Bartenders the pressure is off! You can serve up twice the pints in half the time, then kick back and wait for the minimal washing up to come in!

For a better handle on your pint

For the smaller handed pint drinkers, a standard pint glass can be a little slippy to hold (at least that’s what we tell ourselves when yet another pint falls from our grasp).


Solve your problems forever more with a classic beer tankard that is both stylish and practical.


For an elegant pint

A pint of beer can be as elegant as a glass of prosecco, so long as you have the right glass…



For a quirky pint

The Welly Boot pint glass is the perfect gift for the keen gardener, farmer or festival goer in your life. Why drink an ordinary pint when you can have it out of a welly?


Welly Boots 0.5l/17.5oz

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