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March 22, 2021

Frucosol Glass Froster GF-1000 – The coolest way to serve you drinks this season!

For impressive drinks presentation, the Frucosol Glass Froster creates the illusion of a frozen glass without the tedious waiting. Flash freeze any glass in an instant with a powerful jet of CO2, with a cutting edge design, this glass froster is the ultimate addition to any bar or restaurant. With a mystical frozen mist surrounding your glass, every drink has the power to leave you in awe.

Simply push down the froster head to dispense a cool jet of CO2, neon colour change lights illuminate the bowl of your chosen glass for that added wow factor. The cooling process sterilises the glass, providing you with a more hygienic drinks service. The Frucosol Glass Froster doesn’t taint the taste of your drinks, it also won’t water down your drinks like using ice will.

Instant cooling of any type of cups or glasses. It doesn’t need too much space, so it can be placed anywhere.

It improves the taste of your drinks and cocktails as it adds no flavor and the ice melts. Ideal for champagnes and white wines, as it maintains the carbon they hold.

It provides with more hygiene to the service as the glasses are sterilized with the freezing process. It improves the quality of the service with a low cost. 

It is perfect for any business. Its design makes it suitable for any space and surface; besides, thanks to the manual system of working, it is practical, fast and easy to use.

Frucosol Glass Froster Features –

  • • Glass froster
    • Freeze any type of glass in a flash
    • Ideal for chilling beer, champagne, wine and cocktail glasses
    • Also ideal for chilling the exterior of bottles
    • Simply push down froster head to dispense icy jet of CO2
    • Neon, colour changing lights illuminate the glass as you frost
    • Does not taint the taste of drinks
    • Sterilises the glass due to the cooling process, for a more hygienic drinks service
    • Will not affect the carbonation or temperature of drinks
    • No need for electrical connection, for greater portability and practicality
    • Machine can be used with any glasses with a diameter less than 13cm
    • Requires: Fluid CO2 cylinders with probe
    • LED Lights Require: 2 x AA batteries 

Frucosol Glass Froster Features – More Information



Frucosol Glass Froster Features – Video

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