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Funkin Cosmopolitan Mixer 1kg Best served with vodka. A traditional blend of cranberries, Mexican limes and a dash of orange, our Funkin Cosmpolitan Cocktail Mixer is a beloved cocktail staple. So whether you’re from the city or just like to pretend you are, you can enjoy this sophisticated yet flirty cocktail in your own home, with friends or alone.

Funkin Cosmopolitan Mixer 1kg – Recipe

100 ml Funkin Cosmopolitan Mixer 1kg

50ml Vodka

Ice in, Spirit in, Funkin!


Funkin Elderflower Collins Mixer 1kg Our Funkin Elderflower Collins is crafted using the finest Sicilian Lemons and British Elderflower and best served with gin.

Funkin Elderflower Collins Mixer 1kg  – Recipe

50 ml Gin
100 ml Funkin Elderflower Collins cocktail mixer
Simple as ice in, spirit in, Funkin!


Funkin Margarita Mixer 1kg – Tangy, zesty and sharp, the Margarita cocktail is not for the faint hearted! Thefunkin Margarita Cocktail Mixer is packed with a citrus blend of tangy Mexican limes and a dash of orange juice to tantilise your taste buds. Simply add tequila, ice and a dash of triple sec to a glass and pout over your funkin Margarita mixer for a refreshing drink after dinner. Easy!

If you want your cocktail to look totally professional, just add salt. The Margarita is often served with salt coating the rim of the glass to complement the tequila and create a contrast of flavours on the palette.

Funkin Margarita Mixer 1kg- Recipe

100 ml Funkin Margarita mixer
25 ml Tequila
25 ml Triple Sec
Rim a glass with salt and then Stir & Serve


Funkin Pina Colada Mixer 1kg –  Creamy, sweet and smooth, the Pina Colada is a classic cocktail favourite. Made with creamed coconut, strained pineapple and white rum, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to a tropical beach. With a Pina Colada in hand all the stresses of everyday life melt away as you fantasise about crisp white beaches, turquoise seas and palm trees.

The Funkin Pina Colada Cocktail Mixer combines Carribbean coconuts with golden and Cayenne pineapples to create a truly delicious cocktail mixer. All you need to add to your Funkin Pina Colada Mixer is white rum. If you’re feeling creative, add a slice of pineapple.

Funkin Pina Colada Mixer 1kg – Recipe

50ml Rum
100ml Funkin Pina Colada
Simple as ice in, spirit in, Funkin!


Funkin Raspberry Mojito Mixer 1kg Our Funkin Raspberry Mojito is a twist on the classic Funkin Mojito, combining raspberries sourced from Chile and Serbia, with mint and lime to create a perfect blended cocktail mixer. This Raspberry Mojito Cocktail takes only 10 seconds to make and is a sure winner at your next cocktail party!

Funkin Raspberry Mojito Mixer 1kg  – Recipe

35 ml rum
100 ml Funkin Raspberry Mojito Cocktail Mixer
sprig of mint for garnish
Simple as ice in, spirit in, Funkin!


Funkin Strawberry Daiquiri Mixer 1kg  The Daiquiri originated in Cuba over 100 years ago. Originally a citrus and sugar based rum cocktail, it has evolved hugely in the years since rum gained popularity. Now the daiquiri comes in all manner of fruit flavours, the defining factor being the ice and rum base. The Funkin Strawberry Daiquiri mixer is a classic cocktail mixer combining Polish and Spanish strawberries and zesty Mexican lime. This instant Strawberry Daiquiri cocktail is delectably smooth and you can have it ready in no time. Just add rum and this will be a guaranteed hit at your next cocktail party!

Funkin Strawberry Daiquiri Mixer 1kg Recipe idea
– Ingredients: 100 ml Funkin Strawberry Daiquiri & 35 ml rum
– Steps: Fill a glass with ice, add a measure of rum, top with Funkin mixer, stir and serve! Garnish with a strawberry and rim the edge with sugar for that professional finish. Easy as ice in, spirit in, Funkin!


Funkin Strawberry Woo Woo Mixer 1kg –  Fresh, flirty and fun, the woo woo cocktail is modern a favourite in bars and clubs thanks to the combination of sweet and tangy ingredients. The original woo woo is made with vodka, peach schnapps and cranberry juice, but there are a number of variations. Our funkin Strawberry Woo Woo adds fresh peaches and strawberries to the mix for a smooth, sweet flavour.

Top your funkin Strawberry Woo Woo cocktail mixer with vodka for a sharp and crisp cocktail to enjoy with friends. Why not get adventurous and experiment with flavoured vodkas, or mix things up and use gin as an alternative? Whatever you choose to mix with your Strawberry Woo Woo funkin mixer, you can guarantee that our 100% natural ingredients will combine to make the perfect cocktail.

Funkin Strawberry Woo Woo Mixer 1kg  – Recipe

50 ml vodka
100 ml Funkin Strawberry Woo Woo cocktail mixer
Simple as ice in, spirit in, Funkin!



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