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March 22, 2021

Metal cocktailware is the latest trend for serving cocktails. We have a gorgeous new range ideal for home and professional use.

Designed for a busy bar these are durable and long lasting… and really look the part!

Moroccan Hammered Tumblers

The Moroccan tumblers are available in stainless steel and copper. The perfect cocktail glass for frozen cocktails and iced tea cocktails. They also look fabulous with slushis!


Metal Tumblers

Cool and stylish! Ideal for milkshakes, frozen cocktails and the ultimate BOOZY FREAKSHAKES!!


Metal Margarita Glasses

The ultimate cocktail! served in one of these beautiful metal margarita glasses they look the business!

Try serving sundaes and sorbets in these for a contemporary twist on a classic!



Metal Martini Glasses

Shaken or stirred these metal cocktail glasses are an elegant alternative to the traditional martini glass.

Stainless-Steel-Martini-GlassCopper Martini Glass 24cl:8.5ozCopper Martini Glass 24cl:8.5oz


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