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March 22, 2021

Love Tiki are highlighting one of our best selling Monin Syrups which offers endless possibilities for alcoholic & non-alcoholic recipe uses.

The famous Mojito cocktail was born in the sultry bars of pre-revolutionary Havana.

Skilled bartenders called upon the local abundance of wild mint “yerbabuena”, cane sugar, lime and rum to create a refreshing cocktail sensation that flavoured the sensual Cuban nightlife.

Yet the time consuming preparation of mojitos involving making simple syrup and thoroughly muddling lime and mint leaves, as well as its hard to find ingredients did not travel well to the international bar scene.

With MONIN Mojito Mint, making mojitos is now easy. Just combine with rum, club soda and a squeeze of lime!

The Mojito is now a standout favorite among American & European bars and restaurant patrons. Additionally, MONIN Mojito Mint is a refreshing mint and lime flavour that can be used beyond the bar in countless non-alcoholic applications.

You can purchase here.

Monin Mojito MintBeverage Innovation Directors tips

In addition to the flavourful Mojito that you can create with Monin Mojito mint syrup, you can really play with it’s use in many other recipes. We love to mix it with Monin Vanilla syrup in a frozen coffee with milk.

Monin Mojito MintProduct information

– Colour: Transparent.
– Tasting Notes: Spearmint smell, perfectly balanced taste of cane sugar and spearmint.
– Applications: Coffees, Chocolates, Teas, Fruit punches, Smoothies, Sodas & Lemonades

Monin Mojito MintCocktail Idea

Mint Antan
• 10 ml MONIN Mojito Mint syrup
• 30 ml grand marnier
• 1 shot espresso
Pour all ingredients in a shaker filled with ice cubes. Shake vigorously. Pour into a cocktail glass.

Monin Mojito MintMocktail Idea

Virgin Caribbean Mojito
• 20 ml MONIN Mojito Mint syrup
• 10 ml MONIN Caribbean syrup
• 10 ml lime juice
• 8 mint leaves
• soda water

Pour fruit into your glass muddle with syrup. Fill with ice cubes. Pour other ingredients into your glass. Top with soda water. Stir.

View full Monin Mojito Mint Recipe list as a PDF.
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Monin Mojito Mint


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