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March 22, 2021

Enamel has to be one of the most popular looks of 2016 and it is set to be on trend again for 2017. Developing the range, creating  a contemporary and stylish look and feel, enamelware is set to take centre stage on every table.

Enamel Colours

The traditional white and blue is being joined by a black enamel with white rim and a cream enamel with black rim. Coming in a variety of products thais new colour range is an exciting and current look.

These enamel mugs are perfect for indoor and out door dining. Creative cocktails look amazing in these enamel mugs. Dress up a side dish by serving chips or wedges in these fabulous mugs!

enamel-mug-black-with-white-rim  enamel-mug-creamENAMEL-MUG-BLACK-WITH-WHITE-RIM-12Cl


Enamel Tumblers

Moving away from the traditional mug Love Tiki now stock a range of enamel tumblers. Great for kids and adults alike these enamel tumblers come in a very manageable 31cl up to a large 80cl, these tumblers can be used for cocktails, desserts and serving up fries and dips.

Enamel-Jumbo-Tumbler-White-with-Blue-Rim-80cl ENAMEL-TALL-TUMBLER-WHITE-WITH-BLUE-RIM-40CLOlympia-Enamel-Tumbler-310ml


Black Enamel Pie Dishes

Create a distinct and different service with the black enamel pie dishes. Ideal for serving pies, sides, main dishes and crumbles. Paired with pieces from our wooden boards or Gingham papers this is a fabulous look for 2017.


Enamel Trays

In black and white our enamel trays are a contemporary and practical food service idea. Pair with a newspaper greaseproof sheet and serve a slider or burgers and chips straight to the table!

enamel-serving-tray-black-with-white-rim enamel-serving-tray-white-with-blue-rim


Enamel Kitchenware

No kitchen is complete without a touch of enamel. From enamel buckets to bread bins we have some rather interesting items to dress up any kitchen.

enamel-bucket-white-with-blue-rim-16cmOblong Enamel Bread Bin


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