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September 18, 2017

It’s that time of year where beers grow to double their size and it becomes more than acceptable to spend a day drinking copious pints and eating top notch bratwurst.

Hopefully you’ve ticked lederhosen off your list by now so you’d best move on to your beer, sauerkraut and bratwurst.`

The whole point of Oktoberfest has to be the 2 pint steiners, so we’ve made sure you’ve got a selection of german sized pint glasses to get you through the season!

2 Pint German Beer Stein

2 Pint German Beer Stein

1.3 Litre Glass Beer Stein Lined at 2 Pints

For those of you who don’t want to be weight-lifting two pints to your lips with each sip, we’ve got pint glasses that’ll fit right in with those Oktoberfest Steiners. These pint glasses feature practical handles for an easier grip on your beer glass and true Oktoberfest styling.

Arcoroc Britannia Dimple Pint Tankards 570ml CE Marked 4pk


Beer Mug 50cl/17.5oz


Welly Boot Glass – 0.5l/17.5oz

The Welly Boot pint glass is the perfect gift for the keen gardener, farmer or festival goer in your life. Why drink an ordinary pint when you can have it out of a welly?


Welly Boots 0.5l/17.5oz

If you want to have a more sophisticated Oktoberfest your pint of beer can be as elegant as a glass of prosecco in one of these stemmed beer glasses….

Empire Chalice Beer Glass 59cl / 20.5oz


Ariande Stemmed Beer Glass 36.5cl / 12.75oz


Why not become an even better beer buff by brewing up your own. This time next Oktoberfest you can be serving up steiners of your own delicious home brew!

Kilner Drink Works 40 Pint Bitter Kit


Kilner Drink Works Bottle 750ml


Another great feature that sets Oktoberfest apart has got to be the German culinary delights…aka Bratwurst. So just grab a few suitably large takeaway trays and you can munch on bratwurst and sauerkraut to your heart’s content.

Disposable Open Ended Takeaway Tray 10in

Disposable Open Ended Takeaway Tray 10in


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