The Perfect Christmas Glassware

The Perfect Christmas Glassware

Dec 08, 2021Clare Bridson

There’s no need to give your guests their drinks out of old, mismatched or out of style cups and glasses. You can impress them and make them feel special this Christmas with stylish glassware.  

Whether you are serving cocktails, champagne, spirits, wine or soft drinks, we have something in our perfect Christmas glassware collection for your home, bar or restaurant.

No matter the numbers you are serving, from 2 to 2000, we can help you out with elegant matching beautiful glasses.

Retro Coupe Glass 21cl 
A classic in drinks service, the Retro Coupe Glass is a great all-rounder glass which can be used as a stemmed champagne saucer for New Year or for Christmas cocktails.

Made from lead-free crystal, this glass boasts high transparency and a beautiful finish.

Retro Coupe Glass

Bistro Champagne Saucer 8.5oz (24cl) 12pk
The Bistro Champagne Saucer is perfect as a classic and elegant champagne serve. It’s also ideal for many cocktails. This contemporary glass is great for Christmas celebrations.

Bistro Champagne Saucer

Juniper Gin Glass 72cl 
Everyone loves a gin and the Juniper Gin glass has been developed to maximise the service of modern day gins. The full round open bowl ensures a strong visual image great for those all important drink instagram pics.

Juniper Gin Glass

Astor Vintage Tumbler 38cl/13.5oz 
With an art deco inspired, vintage design these Astor Vintage Tumblers are perfect for sipping perfectly whiskies, lavish cocktails, or any long drink. They are sure to make you feel like the great Jay Gatsby in no time! Made from a high quality manufactured glass, these tumblers are the perfect addition to any bar, or home, and are sure to impress friends, family and guests a like!

Astor Vintage Tumbler

Nick and Nora Glass
This is the perfect glass for a smaller cocktail. Its vintage and elegant design oozes poise. It is inspired by the leading characters, Nick and Nora Charles, from the classic detective film, The Thin Man. It embodies the style and era of the 1930’s. The glass has tall walls making it easy to drink from and ensuring your customers or guests can enjoy your bar tending efforts.  It is made from lead free crystal ensuring it safety and that it has great transparency. The stem is delicate so it still feels delicate to hold. From fruity punches to Sangria to specialist cocktails this is a stylish and practical glass for any occasion.

Nick and Nora Glass

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