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January 22, 2019

So…winter seems to have truly taken hold this morning.  It is dark and dreary and the sky is threatening to snow. It is definitely the time for lighting the fire, and settling down for some comfort food. Who wouldn’t want to be enveloped in the hot steam and wonderful aromas of soups or hot chocolate.

Soups are hearty and healthy but the best bit is the warmth as it spreads through your body. We love these soups cups. The size, shape and handle make them stand out from the crowd whatever the flavour of soup. The style doesn’t really matter. Start with seasoned vegetables, then add a little rice or pasta or even some Italian sausage for a little bit of a spicy twist.

Natura Ironstone Handled Soup Cup 56cl 6pk

Hot chocolate never disappoints. It starts the moment you wrap your hands round a lovely warm cup and continues until you have finished all the sweetness. These enamel mugs are perfect for serving at home or in a cafe and come in a variety of colours. We love the ones with the red trim but I’d be just as happy drinking from blue, cream or yellow.

Enamel Mug White with Red Rim 36cl/12.5ozEnamel Mug White With Blue Rim 36cl 12.5oz hot chocolate


Monin syrups can add distinctive flavours to your hot chocolate and create a rich and creamy texture. You could try mint,hazelnut, gingerbread or blackberry. The classic has to be caramel and this one is sugar free. Garnish options include mint sprigs, chocolate chips, whipped cream, marshmallows and a drizzle of chocolate sauce on top.

Monin-Hazelnut-Syrup-70clMonin Frosted Mint Syrup 70clMonin-Syrup-Gingerbread-1-LitreMonin-Blackberry-Syrup-70clMonin-Caramel-Sugar-Free-Syrup-1-litre

Monin Chocolate Hazelnut Flavour Sauce


We will sign off as the sky has delivered, and a light dusting of snow has fallen outside my window… Happy snow days!

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