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World Whisky Day

May 13, 2021

Did you know there is more than 20 million barrels of whisky held in Scotland at any one time

That’s four for each person that lives in the Country!

With figures like that, there’s always lots of the good stuff to go around.

So whether you like it neat, over ice, with a mixer or as part of your favourite cocktail we have the perfect glass for you to drink it from, inside or outdoors.


Spey Dram Glass

Spey Dram Glass 12cl
This is the perfect glass when you need a ‘wee’ dram. Smaller than your normal glass it’s ideal for smaller quantities and tastings. Lovely to hold, this glass has a bowl shape that allows the alcohol to swirl and the aromas to rise for the perfect drinking experience.


Rockstar Double old Fashioned Glass

Rockstar Double Old Fashioned Glasses 
This Rockstar Double Old Fashioned Glasses offers a classic vintage look to your spirits and liqueurs. The elegant cut glass design is ideal as a whisky glass and gives a look that stands out from the crowd.


Thistle Old Fashioned Whisky Glass

Thistle Old Fashioned Whisky Glass
These glasses feature a bulbous thistle shape design and heavyweight base with an authentic Thistle head shape, making them a great choice for your whisky.

Ideal for a single measure of Scotch, the glasses shapely curves are designed to enhance your tasting experience and the wide bowl and narrow fluted neck increase aroma.


Grantown Whisky Tumbler

Grantown Whisky Tumbler 
These Grantown Whisky Tumblers are made from heavyweight soda-lime glass and feature a bulbous shape making them ideal for drinking whisky or rum.  A great looking glass for homes, bars or restaurants. 


We have have some fantastic decanters

Cut Glass Decanter

Cut Glass Decanter

This deluxe glass Brandy/Whiskey decanter has traditional ornate detailing with a round bottom. It’s traditional look gives it a very palatial feel and will ensure it takes pride of place in any drinks cabinet or bar. It has a narrow neck allowing you to pour confidently and is suitable for storing and pouring your favourite drinks.

Cut Glass Decanter Set

Cut Glass Decanter Set
It’s no wonder whisky’s seen as such a dapper drink. Whether yours is a Scotch or a Bourbon, with BarCraft’s Cut Glass Whisky Decanter and Tumbler Set you can store and pour your whisky in suave style! This five-piece set includes everything you need to sip, savour and store your whisky. There’s a glass decanter, which holds up to 900 ml (9 cl)  and four 200 ml (2 cl) Old Fashioned glasses. Each piece is made of high-quality glass with traditional cut glass detailing.


Tropical Glass Decanter

Tropical Glass Decanter
BarCraft’s Tropical Leaves Glass Decanter features a beautiful square design with a green ombre finish and playful antique brass finish monkey head stopper. It’s ideal for storing and pouring whisky, sherry, Cognac, or even sloe gin. The bottle’s monkey head stopper features a high-quality silicone seal that creates an airtight lock, to preserve your favourite alcohol, stopping them from spoiling or spilling. 

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