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Mezclar Strainer Antique Brass Plated

Mezclar Strainer Antique Brass Plated


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Antique Brass Strainer

This beautiful, high quality antique brass strainer is ideal for shaking up cocktails in vintage chic style.

Be the envy of all your friends with the perfect cocktail shaker to start hosting luxurious vintage parties. Throw your desired ingredients (typically fruit juices, syrups, liqueurs and ice cubes) into the cocktail shaker.

Looking to become a cocktail connoisseur? Create your custom cocktail kit by checking out our cocktailware range for all the essential accessories and more.

For some cocktail recipe inspiration head over to our Love Tiki blog to find out the newest cocktail flavours and trends.

Product Specifications

  • The antique brass collection combines modern cocktail equipment with a distinctive antique appearance.


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