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Barrel Copper Mug 40cl/14oz- Pack 1

Barrel Copper Mug 40cl/14oz- Pack 1

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Barrel Copper Mug 40cl/14oz

Extremely high quality, Copper Barrel mug is the perfect and stylish way to serve hot and cold cocktails. Copper is the perfect material for serving cocktails as it maintains temperatures.

Spirits that are best served chilled such as Gin and Vodka keep chilled in the copper mug whilst hot toddies and mulled beverages keep warm and toasty. Made from copper this is a stylish and elegant addition to any bar or home.

The Genware Professional Barware collection has been developed through consultation with London’s finest bar specialists and Mixologists with a vision to create a leading range of professional barware for the modern age. Through a measured design process and the expertise of renowned bar specialists, the Genware barware collection brings together a concise range of essential kit which perfectly combines stunning appearance, practical craftsmanship and competitive pricing

Product Features -
  • Copper Mugs Provide The Perfect Way For Serving Cocktails In A Stylish Fashion
  • Classic pure white appearance
  • A great new concept for food presentation enhancement
  • Creates A Nice Frosted Effect When Ice Is Used
  • Material: Copper
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