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8 Piece Cocktail Kit

8 Piece Cocktail Kit

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Beaumont 8 Piece Cocktail Ki

The Beaumont home cocktail kit, with a plastic muddler, 2 stainless steel freeflow pourers, a 25/50ml jigger, a Hawthorne strainer, a stainless steel Boston can, Boston glass, and a cocktail spoon you literally have cocktail making at your fingertips – all that is missing is the ingredients – and the ice, don’t forget the ice! We even have you covered on the ‘what to make’ front! There are 5 classic cocktails on the outer tube!

Contents 1 x 8½” Plastic Muddler
2 x Stainless Steel Freeflow Pourers
1 x 25/50ml *NGS Professional Cocktail Jigger
1 x 2 Ear Hawthorne Strainer
1 x 28oz Stainless Steel Boston can
1 x 16oz Boston glass n1 x Cocktail Spoon with Masher 

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