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Wooden Bar Caddy - Walnut Effect

Wooden Bar Caddy - Walnut Effect

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Beaumont Solid Wood Bar Caddy 

This solid pinewood bar caddy offers a practical solution to keeping a bar tidy, creating a natural feel with its hardwearing walnut finish. It can neatly hold 250 mm quarter fold cocktail napkins whilst keeping five more handy compartments free. The spare slots are perfect for straws, cocktail stirrers, toothpicks and any other bar tools.

By neatly storing your cocktail napkins within arm's reach you can serve every drink on a napkin that will absorb any condensation from the glass. This prevents your customers from staining their cuffs or even shorting an expensive smartphone.

When optimally filled, you will have all the consumables you'll need for a busy shift on the bar.

Product features

  • 6 handy compartments
  • Keep your bar top tidy and organised
  • The 125mm compartment is perfect for storing cocktail napkins
  • Made from solid pinewood
  • Has plenty of space for your essential disposables
  • Wipe clean
  • Dimensions 112(H) x 155(W) x 259(D)mm
  • Material Pine
  • Weight 660g

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