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Bistro Saucer 9.5oz (27cl) - Pack 12

Bistro Saucer 9.5oz (27cl) - Pack 12


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Bistro Champagne Saucer 9.5oz (27cl) 12pk

Contemporary glasses, which will enhance any drinking experience.

Perfect for dining, restaurant, bars, nightclubs. Made from quality manufactured glass, which is durable, sparkling and dishwasher resistant.  

Challenge the conventional... it's time to get creative! Classic cocktail vessels will always have their place in any venue. Versatile and practical, Utopia's range of Speciality glasses is comprehensive and attractive. The trend for serving beverages in coupes as opposed to flutes is becoming increasingly popular, with Utopia offering everything from high end elegant Crystal stems through to more affordable and robust shapes, ensuring an option for every venue.

• Stemmed champagne saucer
• Wide bowl
• Material: Soda-ash glass
• Ideal for champagne and cocktails
• Dishwasher safe


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