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16oz Glass / 28oz Boston Can SET

16oz Glass / 28oz Boston Can SET

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Boston Shaker and Glass 

Extremely high quality, Boston Cocktail Shaker Glass and Tin set. This is a cocktail essential for any bar.  A shaken cocktail is made by putting the desired ingredients (typically fruit juices, syrups, liqueurs and ice cubes) in the cocktail shaker. Then it is shaken vigorously for around 5 to 10 seconds, depending upon the mixability of the ingredients and desired temperature.

Product Features Heavy Duty Glass 16oz / 450ml Capacity Cocktail shaker glass Material: Non-tempered glass Durable construction Conical shape Can also be used with mixing spoon for stirring cocktails Dishwasher safe Dimensions  150mm (H) / Capacity: 450ml Min. Diameter: 60mm Max. Diameter: 88mm Weight: 446g

Product Description Professional cocktail shaker As used in cocktail bars Solid stainless steel cup Simple to use Weighted, reinforced base for professional mixing  Capacity 28oz/ 800ml 

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