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Cadiz Blue & Yellow Plate 8" (20cm) - Pack 6

Cadiz Blue & Yellow Plate 8" (20cm) - Pack 6

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Cadiz Blue and Yellow Plate 8" - 6 pack

The Cadiz range is beautiful and bright in colour and design. Its geometric patterns are striking and modern. The range will add vibrancy to any home or establishment. They are suitable for cooking but we are sure your guests or diners would love to have their food served. Your table would look fantastic and be very eye catching.

The full range includes: a blue and orange bowl, plate 10.5" and plate 8", or a blue and yellow bowl, plate 10.5" and plate 8". and a red and black bowl, plate 10.5" and plate 8".

Product Information
Dimension: 8"/20.32cm
Colour: Blue and Yellow
Material: Vitrified Porcelain‹
Features a vibrant geometric print‹
‹Dishwasher safe‹
Suitable for commercial use

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