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Casablanca Rocks Glass 8.75oz/24.5cl - 12 Pack

Casablanca Rocks Glass 8.75oz/24.5cl - 12 Pack

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Casablanca Rocks Glass  8.75oz/24.5cl - 48 Pack

It's difficult to find a decent set of glasses that won't break if you so much as tap them against each other; most glasses give you an attractive look, but lose out on sturdiness. For something that can withstand a few accidental knocks, the Casablanca Rocks Glasses certainly live up to their name! With a wide fluted base, the Casablanca Rocks Glasses have a striking image that suits them to use for when you have guests, while their thick build makes them ideal for everyday use. As the name suggests, with their wide bowl, these glasses are ideal for piling up some cool ice cubes for your favourite drink on the rocks.

Whether you're a whiskey connoisseur, or just prefer a nice chilled soft drink, the Granity Rocks Glasses lend themselves to plenty of drinks!

Product Information:

  • This is a 8.75oz/24.5cl glass.
  • Toughened Glass.
  • Glass-washer Safe.
  • Pack Size: 48 x Glasses.
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