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Small Lemon Wipes 1000pk

Small Lemon Wipes 1000pk

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CE231 Lemon Wipes - 1000 Pack Small 

These small refreshing lemon scented moist hand wipes are ideal for cleaning hands after prawns, ribs and other saucy dishes. The handy size of each packet makes these wipes ideal to be put in your takeaway bags on your restaurant tables or offered to your guests at parties, food markets and barbecues.

Product features

  • Refreshing lemon fragrance
  • Ideal for restaurants, food markets, barbecues and more
  • Individually wrapped sachets, ideal for takeaway bags or table settings
  • Offer your guests a chance to freshen up before or after their meal
  • Displays attention to detail
  • Box quantity 1000
  • Dimensions 140 x 128mm
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