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Professional Cocktail Spoon With Masher 11 Inch

Professional Cocktail Spoon With Masher 11 Inch

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Cocktail Mixing Spoon 27.9cm/11" With Sugar Crusher  

Extremely high quality, Cocktail Spoon with Fully Twisted Shaft. An essential tool for any bar. The highly versatile Cocktail Spoon is a must have for any serious mixologist; it offers hassle-free stirring, layering and muddling, helping you create perfect cocktails every time. Made from durable stainless steel, this spoon features a sturdy construction which resists bending.

The multi-purpose Cocktail Spoon doesn't just mix cocktails, it helps you create layered cocktails and shooters by using the twisted rod and shallow spoon end. Turn the Cocktail Spoon upside down and you'll be able to muddle cocktail ingredients and reduce bubbles when pouring champagne. With a twisted stem and a flat base, this cocktail spoon is ideal for creating layered cocktails with ease. The flat base also doubles as a convenient blunt end to crush solid ingredients to help release flavours.

Product Information:
Twisted mixing spoon
Material: Stainless steel
Durable and sturdy construction
Strengthened rod to avoid bending
Great for layering drinks
Weighted base ideal for crushing cocktail ingredients
Can be used for muddling, layering and reducing champagne bubbles
Lightweight and practical to use
Hand wash only  

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