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Cocktail Parasols - 144 Pack

Cocktail Parasols - 144 Pack


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Cocktail Parasols 144pk

High quality Cocktail Parasols. Whether you are a novice starting out or a seasoned mixologist. These parasols are the perfect way to finish off your creations!

When your cocktail isn't quite looking right and it needs a bit of pizzazz, just pop one of these decorative Cocktail Umbrellas over the rim and you're guaranteed a bit of metaphorical sunshine! With these fantastic little parasols coming in assorted pink, blue, yellow, green and orange, you have plenty of choice of drink decor depending on your mood! Think tropical cocktail, think cocktail umbrellas! These pretty paper parasols add a splash of colour to any drink, from pi±a coladas served in coconut shells to a fruit punch served in a tall glass. The fun doesn't stop there; if you're throwing a Tiki party, why not add cocktail umbrellas to the food you serve to add a splash of colour there too?  

We stock a full range of cocktail decorations. Brighten up your drinks or add a little fun for  the kids in their smoothies.

Product Information:
Paper umbrellas on wooden sticks
Material: Wooden stick with paper topper
Assorted colours
Classic cocktail decoration
Ideal for adding to cocktails 

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