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Copper Julep Cup 12.75oz (36cl)

Copper Julep Cup 12.75oz (36cl)

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Copper Julep Cup 12.75oz (36cl) 

The Copper julep cup is a great choice for serving up your cocktails like the popular Moscow Mule or in the colder months for mulled cider or Hot Toddys. This Copper tumbler is part of our stylish Copper barware range. 

Copper is the perfect material for serving cocktails as it maintains temperatures. Spirits that are best served chilled such as Gin and Vodka keep chilled in the copper mug whilst hot toddies and mulled beverages keep warm and toasty. Made from copper this is a stylish and elegant addition to any bar or home.

Product Information
- Materials: Copper
- Capacity: 12.75oz/36cl
- Drink Type: cocktail
- Pack Size: 1

Moscow Mule Cocktail Recipe

- 50ml Vodka
- 120ml Ginger Beer
- 17.5ml Funkin Lime Juice
- 1 Lime Wedge

- Copper Mug
Measuring Jigger
Bar Spoon


  1. Fill you Copper mug with ice.
  2. Measure and add the Vodka, Funkin Lime juice, Ginger Beer.
  3. Stir with you Bar spoon
  4. Garnish with a lime wedge.
  5. Kick back and enjoy!

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