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33cl Round dash crackle bottle

33cl Round dash crackle bottle

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Dash Bottle Round Crackle Glass

A stylish compliment to any bar this round crackle glass dash bottle, with a stainless steel and natural cork pourer

Product Information

  • Depth (m) : 0.2150
  • Width (m) : 0.4000
  • Height (m) : 0.2950

Glass Care 

All of our glassware is dishwasher safe but we would recommend you treat them carefully, wash them individually, by hand and do not soak them with other glasses!

Avoid the rims of martini glasses coming into contact with other glasses.
Never scoop ice with a glass or stack them, unless they have been designed for stacking.
When pouring hot drinks, always preheat the glass with hot water.
Conversely, never put cold water or ice into warm or hot glasses.

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