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Disposable Champagne Flute 160ml - Lined at 100ml -100 Pack

Disposable Champagne Flute 160ml - Lined at 100ml -100 Pack

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Disposable 160ml Champagne Flute - 100 Pack

This is an injection moulded, flexible crystal styrene, disposable champagne flute in traditional tulip shape. It is ideal for use at any event or in any bar or club. Crafted from food grade crystal styrene these containers offer extra rigidity and perfect clarity and are ideal for intimate occasions or large functions and events. Y

ou never have to worry about immediate replacement when dropped and unlike glass the shatterproof material will minimize the risk of injury to your clientele, giving every event organiser peace of mind.

The container has a long life expectancy and will not mist or discolour. nIn our opinion the disposable Flexi 160ml Champagne Flute is one of the highest quality plastic champagne flutes available. Lined at 100ml, this glass is the perfect size for offering a decent measure of champagne.

Its injection moulded one-piece design means that no assembly is required and there are no bases to drop off.  

Product Information

  • Brim capacity - 160ml / 6oz
  • Lined at - 100ml
  • One Piece glass
  • Crystal Styrene - Disposable
  • Injection Moulded
  • Pack Size: 100 x Glasses
  • Material: Crystal Polystyrene

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