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Disposable Jager Bomb Glasses - 1000 Pack

Disposable Jager Bomb Glasses - 1000 Pack

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Disposable Jager Bomb Glasses 1000 Pack 

Very popular at the moment. Jagerbombs usually involve dropping a whole shot glass of a liqueur (like Jägermeister) into a mixer (like Red Bull).

However, in busy bars, Jagerbombs can be messy and time consuming to prepare and clean up after. Not to mention the amounts of clean glassware they demand. Solution.

Trading Standards-approved (25ml CE marked) disposable plastic cups. Just pour and serve. With no measures to worry about, busy bar staff can create and serve Jagerbombs in seconds. nIt is ideal for use at any event or in any bar or club. Crafted from a food-safe polymer these containers have a robust ergonomic feel and are ideal for intimate occasions or large functions and events.

You never have to worry about immediate replacement when dropped and unlike glass the shatterproof material will minimize the risk of injury to your clientele, giving every event organiser peace of mind. The container has a long life expectancy and will not mist or discolour.

Product Information
- This is a 25ml shot glass.
- Polypropylene
- Disposable
- Vacuum formed
- Pack Size: 1000 x Glasses

Dimensions: H 73mm Ø 93mm

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