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Enamel Oval Roaster Cream and Red 26cm

Enamel Oval Roaster Cream and Red 26cm

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Enamel Oval Roaster Cream and Red 26cm   

Sturdy enamel tableware range, suitable for all occasions. The vitreous, double coated enamel helps the dish to resist stains and scratches and improves the overall product durability.

Enamelware is a consistent seller from Love Tiki. It is suitable for all occasions. A modern rustic look and feel for commercial and home use. Enamelware oozes nostalgia and is famed for camping trips. The classic design is manufactured from heavyweight steel and thicker enamel for extra durability. The retro enamel look is both affordable to attain and maintain. All the enamel range has a unique toughness and can be used for a variety of serving ideas and can also be used directly on a fire as a cooking or heating vessel.

A classic enamel finish provides a stylish and rustic retro addition to food and table presentation combining functionality with usability making the dish ideal for commercial, home use.

We stock a full range of enamelware as we are sure you will fall in love with more products.

Product Information
– These are quality made oval roasting dishes
– Has a red trim around the edge
– Ideal dish for roasting in the oven
– Machine washable
– Gloss look  

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