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FT Syrah Rocks Glass Tumbler 35cl/12.3oz- Pack 6

FT Syrah Rocks Glass Tumbler 35cl/12.3oz- Pack 6


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FT Syrah Rocks Tumbler 35cl/12.3oz

These classic rocks Tumbler feature a bulbous shape and are fully tempered - Ideal for hotels, bars and restaurants looking for a reliable and durable options.

Ideal for a whisky or rum, the shapely curves are designed enhance your tasting experience. The wide bowl increases aroma.

  • Durable and consistent level of quality manufactured glass with excellent clarity
  • Rim to foot tempered - fully tempered glasses are resistant to mechanical shocks, extending the life of the product by five times, compared with non tempered glass ranges.
  • Should a glass break due to an excessive blow, a tempered glass will break into small piece
  • Heat resistant - thermal shock tested and resistant to 135C and can withstand changes in temperature from hot to cold.
  • Beaded rim ensures strength on vulnerable edges, minimising chipping and lengthens lifespan
  • Dishwasher safe - strong and durable, shock tested and capable of industrial dishwasher cycles, while maintaining clarity
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