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Funkin Blackcurrant Puree 1kg

Funkin Blackcurrant Puree 1kg

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Funkin Blackcurrant Puree 1kg

Blackcurrants can vary from being watery and light on flavour to dark and over bearing.

Funkin harvest Andega blackcurrants mid-summer in France, giving them the perfect blend of sweetness and acid and a rounded juicy taste. Funkin fruit is ripened under the sun to keep in the goodness and natural flavour. No need to measure and chop, just open and pour.

Funkin Purees are 100% Natural with no artificial preservatives, colouring or flavouring agents.

Product Information
- Blackcurrant flavour
- ideal for mixing with cocktails and soft drinks
- 1kg pack
- sold individually
- Dietary Information: Kosher; Halal 

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