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Funkin Citric Syrup 50cl

Funkin Citric Syrup 50cl

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Funkin Citric Syrup 50cl - Sweet Citric  Mixer

Perfect for creating sweet retro style cocktails, this Funkin Citric Syrup combines liquid sugar, citric acid and water. Comes in a 36cl bottle. Easy to store.

Funkin Pro Citric Syrup is inspired by sweet shop flavours and your favourite pic and mix. It goes perfectly with flavoured vodka so you can make a variety of sherbet cocktails depending on your favourite flavours!

Funkin Pro Citric syrup provides a consistent solution for adding citric sweetness to a number of cocktail recipes.

Product Information

  • ready to use
  • ideal for mixing with cocktails and soft drinks
  • 36cl
  • sold individually or in 6 x case
  • easy to store and suitable for freezing
  • Ingredients: 100% natural
Funkin Ingredient Credentials -  
Syrup base for cocktail nSirop pour base cocktail
Ingredients: Liquid sugar, acid: citric acid (21%), water 

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