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Funkin Coconut Puree 1kg

Funkin Coconut Puree 1kg


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Mix up a tropical paradise with Funkin Coconut Puree! Our 1kg pouch of creamy Indonesian coconuts gives you natural, nutty sweetness without the hassle of peeling. Perfect for cocktail-making or baking, this convenient purée will make your drinks and recipes more flavorful than ever! No fuss, no muss - just pour, mix, and enjoy!

  • Sold individually
  • Pack weight: 1kg
  • Perfect for cocktail parties, events or home use
  • Easy to store due to being in a pouch
  • Ingredients: Coconut Cream (83% coconut extract, water), sugar 10%, lime juice
  • Gluten free and Vegan friendly

Freeze our Funkin range of purees and juices and you'll always taste the freshest flavor around!

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